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Monday, March 29, 2010

46. MVCAP Last-Dollar Scholarship Application

Directions: Any student served (i.e., advised) by the MVCAP who graduates with a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of a least 2.0 from a high school in Mahoning, Trumbull, or Columbiana Counties or who resides in one of these three counties may apply for an MVCAP Last-Dollar Scholarship if they have taken the ACT (or SAT) and have unmet financial need. Please copy and print this application, supplying answers to each of the items listed below; word process, type, or write your responses legibly. Then, please staple to this application and submit no later than June 1 copies of these five documents:
a. your official high school transcript;
b. the completed form, “COLLEGE PREP For the Four-Year State Assisted Universities in Ohio,” signed by your high school counselor or principal;
c. your acceptance letter from the post-secondary institution you will attend;
d. the page of the Student Aid Report (SAR)—that you received after filing the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA)—which contains your expected family contribution (EFC);
e. the financial-aid award offer letter from the post-secondary institution you will attend.

Complete each of the following items.
1. Name (First, Middle Initial, Last):
2. Social Security Number:
3. Street Address:
4. Phone number:
5. City:
6. State:
7. Zip:
8. County (Mahoning, Trumbull, or Columbiana):
9. Grade:
10. High School:
11. Counselor:
12. What is your cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 4.0?
13. What is your class rank?
14. What was your highest composite score on the ACT (or your SAT scores)?
15. Have you passed all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT)?
16. On what date will you complete all requirements for your high school diploma?
17. At which college(s) and/or post-secondary institutions were you accepted?
18. At which college(s) and/or post-secondary institutions were you awarded financial aid?
19. Which college or post-secondary institution will you attend?
20. What is your total cost of attendance there per year?
21. What was your expected family contribution (EFC) from the SAR?
22. What was the amount of any Pell Grant you will receive?
23. What was the amount of any Ohio College Opportunity Grant you will receive?
24. What was the total amount of any scholarships awarded you by the college?
25. List the total amount of any other scholarships you will receive.
26. What was the amount of any Federal Work Study you will receive?
27. What was the amount of any Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized) you’ll take out?
28. What unmet financial need still remains? (Line 20 minus lines 21 to 27)?
29. Do you plan to enroll at Youngstown State University and desire to be considered for The John S. and Doris M. Andrews Scholarship, which is awarded to a Native American, Asian American, African American, or Hispanic student selected by the MVCAP?
30. My signature below indicates that all of the information above is true and that I agree to be assisted by the MVCAP and present at an MVCAP function to accept a Last-Dollar Scholarship, if I am awarded one. Signature:

Mahoning Valley College Access Program (MVCAP)
Kent State University Trumbull
Technology Building, 118L
4314 Mahoning Avenue, NW
Warren, OH 44483

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